You can explore our public Open Source solutions on Github. But there are closed source solutions as well...

GeoXACML Policy Decision Point

The GeoXACML Policy Decision Point is a full implementation of the GeoXACML 1.0 standard. The OpenSource implementation of the conformance class BASIC can be found on Github.


GeoXACML Policy Enforcement Point

This Apache 2.x module intercepts ingress and optionally egress based on GeoXACML or XACML policies operated by the GeoXACML Policy Decision Point. This solution enables access control as well as request and response rewriting in a very flexible and high-performance way, independent from the actual service or API implementation.


The OpenID Connect compliant Authorization Server with federated SAML2 based login from Google, Facebook and eduGAIN is a closed source solution.


Data Centric Security Server

The Data Centric Security Server is implemented as a GeoServer Community plugin. The implementation is available as OpenSource.

DCS GeoServer Plugin

Key Management System

The Key Management System is used with the Data Centric Security Server to controll access to the Data Encryption Keys, created by the DCS Server.

Key Management System

OGC SensorThings API Extension

The STAplus is an extension to the OGC Sensor Things Data Mode which was created in collaboration with partners from the Cos4Cloud project. This extension provides features that are important for communities like Citizen Science. Our implementation of the extension is based on the Fraunhofer FROST-Server. This implementation is OpenSource an will be available on Github shortly.


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