This is a summary of our current activities...

Citizen Science

When it comes to Citizen Science, there is a great opportunity to enrich authentic datasets with contributions from citizens. As described by the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principle, a major concern is the *R* as reusability requires trust into the citizens' observations. Trust cannot be achieved without the ability to identify the users which brings the requirement to include privacy by design into the equation...

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Data Centric Security

With the concept of Data Centric Security (DCS), data can be protected regarding Integrity and Confidentiality without relying on external security features. Independent from communication channel encryption like TLS over HTTP, DCS ensures protection to the data while at rest but also when in transit. This supports the reliable deployment of sensitive data in the cloud independent from the security features provided by the cloud operator. This allows to design, implement and deploy a cloud provider independent solution.

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Authentication - SAML - OpenID Connect - OAuth

The sharing of Citizen Science data with research for example requires a seamless access to observations, independent from the actual operator. AUTHENIX, operated by Secure Dimensions is an Authentication as a Service (AaaS) contribution to enable the access to participating operators for Citizen Science stores and Universities. AUTHENIX is registered with eduGAIN and provides login for academic users from approx. 2870 Universities. Also, login from Google and Facebook as well as the Open Geospatial Consortium is supported. More SAML compliant login providers can be connect in a flexible way.


Interoperability and Standardization

Secure Dimensions is an active member in the Open Geospatial Consortium for many years. Standards like GeoXACML and OGC Web Services Security result from this collaboration. The current standardization activity is about GeoXACML 3.0.

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